Hello and thanks for stopping by!  Below, I've answered some questions I asked myself so you can get to know me a bit more.   

How'd you get into photography?

To make a long story shorter, I started seriously shooting about 6 years ago.  I was born into an incredible photographer's home so I was around it constantly.  My dad is an incredible portrait photographer and can literally light anything you put in front of him. Every day I fall in love with capturing the beauty that is all around us.  Every weekend trip I take, every destination I go, draws me further into the photography web. 

What's your favorite destination you've never been to? 

I'm not sure anything intrigues me more than the Northern Lights.  I don't understand how something could be so beautiful.  It's definitely on my bucket list of things to see.  

What has photography taught you?

Wow, what a great question.  It's serisouly difficult to find a starting point.  Let me say this, I have learned to notice all of the little details in our world.  Whether I'm shooting big landscapes, or tiny insects, I'm looking for the details.  But in NOTICING them, I'm also learning to APPRECIATE them.  The curve of mountain...the movement of a busy ant..the texture on an old tree...the swaying of high grass...I love it all.  It's all so intricate and special.  I'm thankful we have a God who cares about the little details.

But right now I'm learning about personal challenge and grace.  The bittersweet part of growing up in a photographers home is that I learned what a great photo looked like a long time ago.  Without even knowing it, I set the bar so extremely high for myself that I had trouble liking anything I shot...and still have trouble with that.  I'm learning to extend grace to myself in the process of pursuing this art.  I will always keep the bar extremely high, and I would challenge anyone pursuing something worthwhile to do the same, but we have to give ourselves room to grow into it.  I've learned the most about photography from missing shots and missing moments.  I used to get really mad at myself for missing them, and I still get frustrated from time to time, but now instead of letting that fester, I come back and study and figure out WHY I missed it.  One of the main reasons I love photography, is that I will never master it.  There is always a new challenge to take on...and that keeps me moving forward.  

Would you take questions from people visiting your website?

No...doubt.  Email me any time:  aaroncoury@me.com