Roswell Mill Hangs

My wife and I took a little day trip to Roswell Mill recently because she'd never been. I love the covered bridge there and can't resist snapping a few portraits on it. The wood provides a beautiful texture and color and leading lines are everywhere. 

We found a little spot by the river to hang for a bit. There were a few small rapids, so I set up the camera to attempt to get some cool shots of water movement. Pretty stoked about the results! ( I think the last one looks like a dragon)

Lastly, we took the short hike to the waterfall. On the way I slipped down a hill and got myself a little muddy, all things normal for a true adventure. 

I love little spontaneous trips with her. She's been expressing more interest in photography lately, which I couldn't be more happy about. Follow her on instagram to see what she's been shooting:

Thanks for checking it out! Enjoy your weekend!