Recent Cinemagraph Work

I've been putting together some pretty fun cinemagraphs lately and wanted to share a few of my favorites. 

This first one was taken on assignment from a realtor looking to sell a $1.5m condo in Buckhead. This view is from the amazing back deck of the penthouse. Usually I'm not a fan of overcast, but I think the multidirectional clouds really add a beautiful element to this cinemagraph. 

The second one was taken at Foster Falls in Tennessee, one of my favorites places to get away. I wanted to create a surreal feel to this, so I chose to freeze the foreground water while keeping the water flowing from the falls. I could stare at this for a long time, it's so mesmerizing.


I have a few of my cinemagraphs for sale if anyone it in purchasing some for their website. Check them out here:

Or if you'd prefer, I can make some custom ones suitable to your needs. Just let me know, I'd love to work together! Thanks for stopping by.