Up in the air

I love being a photographer. There are so many perks to the job. Recently I had the chance to go up in a helicopter again (for the fourth time) to shoot for Intown Expert, now Nest Realty. I always go up with my buddy Evan (click that link and check out his awesome Youtube channel) and we invited Chris along for this ride. I just wanted to share a few of my favorites from this round. Hope you enjoy, and as always, if you're interested in any prints, just let me know!

Special thanks to  Prestige Helicopters  who always give us a great flight. 

Special thanks to Prestige Helicopters who always give us a great flight. 


Thanks for checking my blog out! Hope you enjoyed it. 

Ginger Hardage of Unstoppable Cultures

I recently had the privilege of taking some portraits of Ginger Hardage, who recently retired as Senior Vice President of Culture and Communications at Southwest Airlines after an illustrious 25 years, where she served as a member of the CEO's executive leadership team.

In 2017, Ginger launched Unstoppable Cultures, a brand designed to help organizations create and sustain cultures of enduring greatness. Ginger’s expertise and worldwide recognition is highly sought-after as a consultant and speaker, and she has accepted engagements at organizations like Google and Princeton.

She is one of the sweetest ladies you'll ever meet. You know those people that just make you feel special when you're talking to them? Yeah, that's her. :) 

Below are a couple of my favorite photos from our shoot. Be sure to check out her website here to see the photos in context: http://unstoppablecultures.com/

Ginger Final.jpg

Here's a little behind the scenes with hair and makeup by Destiny Venice - https://www.destinyvenice.com/

A special thanks for Destiny Venice for taking care of hair and makeup. https://www.destinyvenice.com/

A special thanks for Destiny Venice for taking care of hair and makeup. https://www.destinyvenice.com/

Thanks for checking out the blog! Please let me know if you'd like to work together!

Special thanks Ginger Hardage's manager, Jayson Teagle, for helping make this shoot happen. 

Recent Cinemagraph Work

I've been putting together some pretty fun cinemagraphs lately and wanted to share a few of my favorites. 

This first one was taken on assignment from a realtor looking to sell a $1.5m condo in Buckhead. This view is from the amazing back deck of the penthouse. Usually I'm not a fan of overcast, but I think the multidirectional clouds really add a beautiful element to this cinemagraph. 

The second one was taken at Foster Falls in Tennessee, one of my favorites places to get away. I wanted to create a surreal feel to this, so I chose to freeze the foreground water while keeping the water flowing from the falls. I could stare at this for a long time, it's so mesmerizing.


I have a few of my cinemagraphs for sale if anyone it in purchasing some for their website. Check them out here: https://www.gallereplay.com/profile?author=aaroncoury

Or if you'd prefer, I can make some custom ones suitable to your needs. Just let me know, I'd love to work together! Thanks for stopping by. 

Atlanta Brain & Spine Portraits

Had the opportunity to shoot some headshots for some incredibly smart people last month. A representative from Atlanta Brain & Spine reached out to me and we coordinated a 6am Wednesday morning shoot (the only time we could get them all together...and no, 5am is not my normal wake-up time). But we got there and took a group shot and 11 individual headshots of the team of spine and brain surgeons. They were a very nice group and easy to work with. Here are a few of my favorites. 

They wanted a consistent background, so we used this spine wall in the hallway. It was a super tight space so the set up was a little tricky, but I'm really happy with the results. Below is a the group shot we ended up with. 

If your company needs updated headshots or group shots, please contact me at your convenience. If you mention this blog post I will give you discount. Hope to work with you soon! 

The Town of Spectre (part 2)

As promised, I wanted to post a series of photos I shot while at the Town of Spectre, located on Jackson Lake Island in Millbrook, Alabama. These are the remaining buildings of the set from the movie Big Fish which was released in 2003. 

My wife, our dog Dexter, a couple other friends and I went and camped there the weekend of the 4th of July. I had heard lots of great things about this little island and was excited to see it in person. I had heard that the land owners were incredibly nice and accommodating and all of that was absolutely true. We were greeted at the gate by and a gentleman who we ended up chatting with for a few minutes. He asked us where we came from and showed legitimate interest is us, something that you rarely find in meeting people these days. We payed for camping ($10/person per night) and headed in to find a spot. 

This place is perfect for us because there aren't any defined camping sites (yet), so you just set up camp wherever you can fit. I believe this will soon become a popular destination, and when you go there you'll feel all the feelings...there is something special about this little island. 

These buildings were constructed for the outside alone, and they are literally just shells. The inside is a combination of dirt floors and the occasional gift from the permanent herd of goats that live on the island. 

I wanted to create a very moody and dark scene for these photos because that is what you see and feel about this town at the end of the movie. I used a 10 stop ND filter made by Vu Filters combined with the Fujifilm XT1 and the 16mm f1.4 lens. I was fortunate to have a nice cloudy and windy day so I slowed my shutter speed down a 20 second exposure to capture the movement of the clouds and trees. Obviously at an exposure that long you'll need a tripod and I was set up on my Roadtrip by MeFOTO, which is perfect for packing light but giving you the support you need.  

The images were shot in RAW and brought into Lightroom for minor straightening/cropping then I opened the images in Silver EFEX Pro (a free program with lots of B&W control) to convert it to black and white. There were a few stray cars/campers in some of the photos, so I had to go into Photoshop and remove those before making my final tweaks in Lightroom. 

aaron coury photography town of spectre big fish 9.jpg

Thanks for checking out my photos and trip to Jackson Lake Island, and if you're ever close, make time to stop by this magical place. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments about this series. Have a great day! 


The Town of Spectre (part 1)

One of my favorite movies, Big Fish, was made mostly in Alabama. Part of the set still remains on Jackson Lake Island where a few remaining buildings from the The Town of Spectre. Our whole family woke up one morning to catch the sunrise and was rewarded with this amazing view.

This is a 19 shot panorama with the Fujifilm Cameras XT1 and the 16mm.

I'm working on a series of images that I shot of the remaining buildings left on the island and will blog those once I'm finished making the final tweaks.  

Custom custom custom

I met a super nice and extremely talented guy not too long ago named Alexander John. He's one of those guys who is just good at everything and he seems to be working on a million projects at once. We met and hit it off right away. I think it' because we're both dreamers and seriously serious about our passions. Passionate people gravitate to passionate people. 

One of the things he does (really well) is design custom sneakers. He recently moved to Atlanta and was looking for local photographer to capture some of his work. So we teamed up and created some beauty. Enjoy.  -  Modeled by Raj Patel

The New River Gorge, West Virginia

My wife and I decided to make a little pit stop last weekend in West Virginia on our way home from visiting our relatives in Ohio for the holidays. We didn't really need to be back in Atlanta the next day, so we decided to stay the night at a cheap hotel and go check out the amazing New River Gorge Bridge. I'd been there once before about 10 years ago and remembered it being one of my favorite places I'd visited. 

Once we saw the bridge and started crossing it, all the memories flooded back. I knew we'd made the right decision. 

This was the first view we got of bridge after we parked. It seemed to go on and on and the rolling fog at times made it just disappear. It was so beautiful I decided to shoot a little time lapse (which I have yet to have time to put together. no worries, it's on the agenda for next week.) I took this shot with the fujifilm xt1 and the 10-24mm. 

This was the first view we got of bridge after we parked. It seemed to go on and on and the rolling fog at times made it just disappear. It was so beautiful I decided to shoot a little time lapse (which I have yet to have time to put together. no worries, it's on the agenda for next week.) I took this shot with the fujifilm xt1 and the 10-24mm. 

Once I shot about 10 seconds worth of time lapse material (250 shots) we made our way down to another path that opened up to this beautiful view. As you can see, the fog was coming in pretty thick about this time. So we set up shop for a while and soaked in this moment (literally, because it started raining). After the blanket of fog had come and gone, we got in our car to head down to the bottom of the gorge. There are lots of places to stop along the way with different angles/views of the bridge, but most of them were covered by trees. Below are a few shots we took on the way down. 

There is nothing like a thick layer of fog to add a nice mood to photos. 

We could have stayed at the bottom of the gorge for hours. The rolling fog created new scenes every minute. I set up on the smaller bridge and shot another time lapse of the larger bridge. Then we walked around for a while shooting all angles. Our last stop before we left was a little pull-off with a few beautiful waterfalls. Overall, this "pit-stop" has now become a favorite spot. We'll be returning for a weekend once we get some color again. Hope you enjoyed following our little adventure! 

*All photos available for prints. Please use the contact form for inquire about pricing. 

Geminid Meteor Shower

Last night at 10p my wife and I braved the cold to go try to capture some meteors flying through space. Unfortunately, in Atlanta you have to drive at least an hour away to find an area with less light pollution be able to REALLY capture the night sky. We tried going to a new place last night about an hour outside the city that, according to a dark sky finder website, was in a dark enough area, but when we showed up there was still a lot of light from some nearby towns. Oh well. When this happens, I usually just decide to set up the camera anyway and see what happens. And while I didn't end up getting the shots I was hoping for in my head, I think I came back with a couple pretty cool images. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to let me know if you have any questions. 

This is the spot that we pulled off. I loved the curve of the road and the perspective the trees gave, so I used this shot as my exposure test. 

You can see the light pollution from a nearby city behind the trees. Unfortunately, this makes long exposures (very important for night photography) almost impossible. Caught a couple small meteors though. 

Probably my favorite from the night. I love the warm glow from the street light in contrast with the cool sky.